The Delta Alliance for Wellness & Networking Society is a registered non-profit agency. We provide a variety of supports and services to adults living in Delta who have a mental illness. Established in 1990, our ongoing commitment is to support persons on their journey to recovery.


In the next few months, we will be implementing some changes to our North and South Clubhouse programs.

We are planning to expand our Clubhouse services to better serve persons residing in South Delta, and redesign our North Clubhouse programs.

Over the past few months, a planning committee has been working on the redesign, which included a questionnaire to our service users. We continue to meet to fine tune the redesign.

Most likely, the North Clubhouse will be open 3 days per week, and we will bring services to the South 2 days per week.

We are anticipating a target date for these changes for March 1, 2017 and will continue to update this website to keep you informed.