Gerry Graham Legacy Funds

On Saturday, December 5, 2015 Margaret and Lyle Warmington, hosted the 3rd Annual Gerry Graham Legacy evening, in memory and in honor of their son, Gerry Graham. Funds raised from the event go towards the D.A.W.N.’s Society Gerry Graham Music Program.

The Gerry Graham Music Program was established to pay tribute to Gerry’s love of music, and his professional career as a musician. Over the years, the music program has enabled the D.A.W.N. Society to hire a music teacher to come to the agency once or twice per month, purchase guitars, drums, and other musical instruments, along with drumming sessions , several special dances with professional musicians, as well as other entertainers and performers.

The program provides a wonderful opportunity for our members to participate in the various aspects of music from singing to playing instruments and enjoying other musicians’ performances.
This year, the D.A.W.N. Society, along with the Warmington’s, decided to expand the program and establish the Gerry Graham Culinary Program. Gerry was an avid cook, and continued his passion of cooking throughout his lifetime.

Therefore, beginning in 2016, this new program will offer opportunities that include community kitchens, guest chefs, hiring a nutritionist/dietitian, and offering food safe courses as part of the Gerry Graham Culinary Program.
This will be a new and exciting component that will be offered at the D.A.W.N. Society. Our sincere thanks to Margaret and Lyle Warmington, their family and friends for making these two programs possible to the members of our agency.

Jennifer Childs,
Executive Director