The D.A.W.N. Society offers a wide variety of programs for Delta residents, 19 years and older, living with a diagnosis of a mental illness. Each program is tailored to offer a range of custom support and assistance to meet the individual mental health needs of our clients. Our positive and supportive staff are here to support clients on their personal journey of recovery and hope.

Primary Referrals to the program are made through:

Delta Mental Health Centre North Office: (604) 592-3700

Delta Mental Health – South Office: (604) 948-7010

Referrals to the CLUBHOUSE Program may also be accepted by:

  • A general practioner/family physician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Another Mental Health Centre/Professional

Once a referral is received, it is reviewed and staff will arrange an orientation for the individual.

Please use the attached Clubhouse Referral Form, which can be printed out and faxed to our agency at 604 596 5394.

Program Descriptions

See our Monthly Calendar for events in these programs.

Employment Programs/Supported Work programs
Offered through the Clubhouse, supports members who are interested in casual paid employment in a community setting:

The Gleam Team (a cleaning service serving the communities of Surrey and Delta); the Moving Crew (a group of individuals who do small, local moving jobs and are paid an hourly wage) and the Delta Hospital TV Rental Program (providing TV rentals to patients at Delta Hospital).

Volunteer Opportunities
Therapeutic Volunteer Placement program offers a volunteer experience in the community and is twelve months in duration. Placements are tailored to meet a person’s individual needs that they have determined for themselves (Persons in the T.V.P. program are required to do a minimum of 10 hours volunteering each month and receive a monthly honorarium

Ready, Set, Work
This group concentrates on exploring different employment opportunities, practicing interview skills, working on computer skills, exploring and discussing job requirements.

Young Adults (Ages 19-30)
This group of young adults meets every Tuesday to engage with one another in various activities such as, social recreation, volunteerism, community exploration and education. This enables individuals to socialize and be more involved in their community.

Social Recreation
A variety of special events are scheduled such as Christmas lights, tours Burnaby Village Museum, walking around Gastown, or taking trips to local beaches, and various community events.

Relationship Group
This closed group has two to three sessions per year with a facilitator. The focus is on identifying, developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

DAWN Talks
Various topics are discussed ranging from current events in the community and in the world, to concerns brought up by the members.

You Gotta Have Art
Individuals are encouraged to explore their artistic side through different media. Within this gathering there is a painting group, a drawing group and a group of mandala enthusiasts

Music Program
We invite musicians to come in each month and entertain. Members are encouraged to sing and/or play along.Healthy Body, Healthy Mind A variety of topics regarding healthy eating, exercise and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Members Meeting
Every Friday North and last Wednesday, South members meet to discuss current events, clubhouse duties, and the monthly calendar. This meeting gives members the opportunity to plan upcoming events and activities of the Clubhouse.

Culinary Program
Members meet to plan the menu, prepare the shopping list, and shop. Members prepare the meals, and at the same time learn the requirements of Food Safe.

Guest Speakers
We often bring in speakers such as the Delta Mental Health Police Liaison, a person speaking on budgeting and finances, an employment specialist, ie. Work BC and guest artists.

Fitness Program
Every Monday in the South and every Tuesday in the North individuals are encouraged to attend a one hour physical activity program at the local fitness centre.

Recovery Centered Clinical System Workshops (RCCS)
“The conversations are focused on the individual. The group provides tools to awaken and enliven recovery within the individual”.

A Way into Personal Growth Series
A group in which a variety of topics on personal growth and self-esteem are explored.

See Monthly Calendar of all events.